The Queer Project Report #1


Welcome to the first Queer Project report, a weekly summery of Queer issues imbued with my own analysis.

– – – –

On my mind most these days is CeCe McDonald’s trial. CeCe, who is a Transwoman (transgender woman) was charged with two counts of second degree murder when four white people began harassing and calling her derogatory names. By the end of the night two of her attackers lay dead and she was charged. Now, this is a telling sign of the world Transgender people live in: a Queer person of color is attacked, she defends herself, and than is charged with murder. Not only do we see the racism motivation in this clear hate crime but we see the duality of how the public addresses said hate; when Traveyon Martin is murdered there is a nationwide movement to bring his murderer to “justice.” Yet, when a Colored Queer person is assaulted, and her attackers are hurt in turn, you not only fail to see any support movement for Trans people but condemnation instead. Obviously the skin privilege extends to sexual identity as well.

Because of this is not surprising to see the heterosexist media trying to drag CeCe’s name through the mud by slandering her reputation. Though they are currently spitting the usual assortment of lies the truth was that CeCe is a role model. She lived with several other queer youth who all described her as a role model and a dedicated activist.

Expanding on this topic we can delve into Feminism and why mainstream bourgeois feminists have not lent their support behind CeCe. With the issues of racism, heterosexism, and the war on women all interconnected we see why so-called feminists do not defend someone like CeCe: they do not defend her because according to modern logic she is not actually a women. In this sense such feminists have bought into the bourgeois lies about gender and sex, They have unconsciously joined the conservatives efforts to force women into servitude.

Such facts are revealed by the second story I wish to present which is radical feminist icon Gloria Steinman saying early last week that feminism and queer rights are “exactly the same thing.” She understands as much because Gloria understands that anything which does not end in conception is attacked and bourgeois feminists hold onto the same sentiments: they want equality for their own reactionary definitions of what it means to be a women but not for those queer people who struggle to find a accepting place. A potent reminder that only revolutionary currents of liberation struggles are truly progressive.

The last item of importance which deserves mentioning is California’s “SB 1172.” This bill, if passed, would outlaw so-called “reparitive therapy” for Queer person under the age of 18 while requiring adults to sign a stating the flaws of said “therapy” and that homosexuality and transgenderism is not a disease, mental or otherwise. Such a bill is important for its symbolic nature: a state actually has the decency to suggest such a stage setting moment in which to say to the religious right “we won’t accept your pseudo science anymore.” Will the reactionaries still find a way to ply their bigotry? Of course, but as with all methods of action in bourgeois society the passing of such a bill would be a small practical step forward in strengthening the anti-deframation movement.

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