The Queer Project Report #3


Earlier this week North Carolina finally passed its revolting “Amendment 1” which has outlawed all homosexual marriages. The bill passed 58-42% and despite the fact that after the ballots were counted many North Carolinians expressed that they didn’t even know what tehy were exactly voting for, the bill will still pass to be law. Such a travesty is only the latest in a string of defeats this week as soon after word spread that the Colorado Civil Unions bill was filibustered by the GOP. This shameful act was preceded by word that another teen, Ryan Nash (15) committed suicide.

Obviously it has been a depressing week for the Queer community. With the only bright spot being Harry Reid’s announcement that the Democrats might soon begin to consider repealing the defense of marriage act, many activists have pushed forward with the endless organizing required to back such a task; in North Carolina activists took to the streets to begin their efforts to repeal Amendment 1 while back in Colorado a special session house session was called to try and revitalize a new effort to bring back the Civil Union bill.

To many outside of the queer community these events would seem troubling. Yet, when one understands that the history of Queer Liberation is written via such gains and setbacks, one realizes that the only way forward is through resistance by any means necessary. The founders of the early Gay Liberation Front knew this and so they embraced radical socialist doctrine; the first leaders of the Mattachine Society were communists as would be many other strugglers. It is through these ideologies that brought about the change we see today but it is also the reason why the Ruling Class is currently attempting to strangle the movement by any means it can.

Such efforts didn’t work in the 40’s and it won’t work today. I have faith that today’s youth, though terribly oppressed by bullying, have the capacity to overthrow their passivity and engage their obvious class foes with a revolutionary tenacity unseen for decades. For this will be the end result of such oppression, as history as shown, when people are enslaved revolution becomes a moral authority.

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