The Queer Project Report #4


To begin, let’s start with Rhode Island’s governor, Lincoln Chafee, signing into law an executive order which recognizes homosexual marriages performed in other states. The move, according to liberals, is more than merely a lip service as it allows state employees, and anyone covered with health insurance, to be entitled to life insurance benefits. Though this move is indeed some small measure of progress, the fact remains that this action comes after President Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage thus making it more of a last ditch move to avoid legalizing actual gay marriage. What one would call compromise with the conservatives.

Moving onto the event that everyone has been talking about: Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage. Though it has barely been a week he has already come under both heavy fire and heavy praise. In reaction to his announcement the national hate group NOM (National Organization for Marriage) released a shabby anit-gay documentary chronicling the supposed horrors that gay marriage will have on children. Prasie came in the form of a list of thousands of signatures thanking the president.

Yet, for all the hype and supposed historical connotations this move has, no one seems to be aware, or at least willing to acknowledge, that this move is historical only so as far as it is a historic opportunist move; the elections will be coming up soon and Obama needs the gay vote (after all, he failed to deliver much on his first term, so now he needs to pull out the big guns for his next term). Beyond this it is simply a game of politics: to say Obama cares about the queer population is a lot like saying the bourgeoisie cares about the workers; they care insofar as they have to care to maintain their prestige.

Despite this “historic” event it did not stop the Colorado from, once again, killing the final effort to pass a Civil Unions bill. A revealing event: the president can endorse equality while doing nothing to help those states which are hard pressed to even pass partial equality bills. Surely were Obama the ally he claims to be he would be less inclined to allow the states to “do what they will” and more inclined to actively pressuring the reactionary territories to grant homosexuals what they deserve- equality.

Still, such a fight is difficult to do under a nation which, much like in my next story, has people, in this case a teacher, who is cruel that they believe they can humiliate and degrade youth.

Jared Swank, a high schooler in Hanover Pennsylvania, took a transgendered date to the prom. When dancing with his date he allowed a teacher to video record his romantic time undoubtedly under the impression that the educator would give him the tape afterwards as a keepsake; what would have been a touching event. Yet such isn’t what ended up happening. Rather than the teacher giving him the tape he would later find out that the tape had been used to humiliate him. He had discovered that the teacher had showed the recoding to her science class as a mockery.

When later asked by Eyewitness News about the event Jared recalled how he could only feel exploited.

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