A reply from Comrade Nat Winn on the subject of Queer Liberation and the Media.


“First, let’s appreciate the radical art that is made (not just in subculture margins, but sometimes in a ways that reach millions).

“Second, let’s appreciate the role that radical artists currently play (Hunger Games was recently playing in theatres!)

“Third, let’s understand that many radical people will wobble back and forth between revolutionary politics and left oppositional politics for a long time and this will be resolved in real life, not by arguments in the main.

“Fourth, let’s develop a long term, strategic relationship of “unity and struggle” – with a genuine appreciation of people trying to do radical things under difficult constraints, and also under the pull of notoriety, great wealth, active courting by slick imperialists like Bill Clinton, etc.

“Finally—We need to have a communist pole (that is clear and very bold about road and direction and goals and about supporting revolutionary struggles of the people internationally), that…

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