Thought provoking piece which is in relation towards my essay on Queer Equality and the Media.


“I think that you can’t have a radical movement of revolutionary change without a solid partisan base among broad strata among the oppressed. “Those with nothing to lose but their chains” are indispensable for a movement that “pushes all the way through” — both because of their social power and because of their inclination toward non-compromise and radicalism.

“This raises the relationship between

1) a particular class of people (“the working class” including very different diverse currents within that class)

2) a particular set of movements (a broadly popular revolutionary movement emerging with a self-consciously communist movement within it), and

3) a particular possible event (the socialist revolution — inevitably existing in unique and unprecedented forms of presentation).

“I am arguing for not mechanically or sloppily confusing these three things.”

* * * * * * * * *

We have had a discussion which (in part) explores whether…

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