The following post is a piece from The Queer Gathering contributor Tommy Cavanaugh who is an active participant within the revolutionary Queer Liberation movement. His essay deals with perspective on the police brutality in Anaheim from a queer perspective.


There’s been upheaval in Anaheim, California because of multiple incidents of police brutality and murder. The residents have been pushed too far by the murderous gang of the %1 and have fought back to defend their community.

Tensions erupted when police shot and killed an unarmed man named Manuel Diaz. After the murder, police opened fire with rubber bullets and tear gas on the residents who had gathered close by. Clashes between the police and residents have ensued while the blame is focused on the residents for their supposed “violence”.

As queers, we should stand in solidarity with the residents of Anaheim and all oppressed people. Just as the Stonewall rebellion was attacked by the police and slandered by the right-wing as “violent”, the residents of Anaheim face the same.

The Stonewall rebellion was multiple days of active resist to police terror and oppression of queer people after the police attacked a gay bar in Greenwich Village, NYC. When the police came to raid the bar and brutalized the patrons, the queer community decided that they had had enough and fought back. Led mostly by the youth, the people ran the police out of their community and the queer movement was embolden to launch a more open and militant struggle for rights and liberation.

We must always remember that the real violence perpetrated is by the police. They are the violent and occupying force in the community. The residents are acting in self-defense as the police attack and murder more and more of their neighbors everyday.

The police are not there to protect the people in the community or serve their interests. The police protect the %1 (the capitalist class) and their interests. The events occurring in Anaheim and across the country should be called what they actually are; police terrorism, murder, and occupation.

From Anaheim to Stonewall; fight police terror!



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  1. Mr. Cavanaugh thought provoking commentary elicits additlonal historical observation. The most striking aspect of the Stonewall uprising was that it was a class rebellion by people clearly on lower stratum of society. There were other gay bars in the immediate area at the time which catered to a safe middle class clientele with a distinct bourgeois sensibility. They were not attacked. A shabby hole in the wall that served as a watering hole for street people,transvestites and just plain working class queers were target of vicious police abuse and they were the ones who fought back and gave birth to the modern gay liberation movement. This fact eludes the respectable gay political echelon which aims for social
    acceptance(assimalation)by the class which exploits all outsiders.

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