Trolling the Drone

What is a drone? Simply put it is a device employed by the U.S Empire to murder people (“suspected terrorists”) from afar without the military dogs ever blooding their hands. From Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Aribria, Iraq and beyond drones have been used to assassinate those which may threaten Western influence. Hundreds of died as a result of this weapon and to call it a abomination might be slightly understated.

There is hope, however.

On the 8th of October 2012 a group of progressive activists-three dozen strong-assembled in Portland Maine to take a defiant stand against drones. Organized by Code:Pink’s Lisa Savage and attended by young and old alike the gathering saw a convergence of individuals coming together to fight a common evil.

The event was street theater; one group of persons, acting as civilians, and another group of persons acting as drones, together formed a duo which thanks to the help of some bloody red bed sheets, showed part of the horror of drone warfare.

The”plays” were done in tight, well rehearsed manner which made the logistics directer, a Bowdin college student by the name of Phui Yi, a stellar force. The drones, dressed all in black while holding at chest level menacing signs displaying warmongering names, would slowly advance towards the group of carefree civilians. As the drones walked closer a heavy drum would beat louder and louder. Then, as they came within striking range (signified by the drone actor standing near the civilian) the drum would beat one last time, the loudest of all. At that moment the bombs were dropped and the civilians dead, blown into pieces by the vengeful wrath of the drones. The actors fell to the ground where the white bloody sheets covered them. The drones simply stared off into the horizon, menacing and unknown.

With several local radio shows wishing to talk with some of the participants and organizers the coverage of the event was to be considered decent for a Columbus Day outing. The whether was nice and hecklers were kept to a minimum. Truly it a spectacle worthy of commemorating Meadea Benjamin’s and other Feminist activists travel to Pakistan to show solidarity with the victims of drones. While the day’s theater was unlikely to stop the use of drones it did, if anything, show the locals that this issue was something worth talking about.

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