Roseanne Barr and Transphobia

You might remember Roseanne Barr from the 90’s comedy Roseanne where she played a single working mother struggling to raise children while fighting against male oppression. Later on in her career and personal life she stated unequivocally that she supported same-sex marriage. She seemed to be heading on the right track. Back in such days it might have been progressive (pending on who you ask) but now her feminism has taken a reactionary turn for the worse: transphobia.

Recently Roseanne has made headlines again only this time not for comedy. Reacting to a story about a Transgender woman (transitioning from a male identity) entering the woman’s restroom; Roseanne repeatedly called the woman in question, Colleen Francis, a creep as well as various other transphobic slurs. Though she attempted to back pedal later on from denying the existence of transpeople her substitution of “they are not real” with “they are secret rapists” is piss poor.

In a tweet conversation she declared that only woman who lack penises are “real woman” and that Colleen was “forcing her penis” in the metaphoric faces of the other young girls.

Obviously such a statement is heinous and belongs nowhere in the vocabulary of a spokesperson for a revolutionary organization. If the Peace and Freedom Party has any self-respect than they will dump this Transmisogynic bigot and replace her with someone worthy, and educated enough, to uphold the basic human rights which everyone, regardless of gender identity, deserve.

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  1. To all those who say penis = male, you DO need more education! Haven’t you never heard of intersex people? You people make me facepalm so hard.

  2. Just a note. In ROSEANNE, she was not a single mother. John Goodman played her husband. And she wasn’t fighting “male oppression”. The show was about being a blue-collar family. Besides that, I wonder what Roseanne would say about FTMs. Her ilk, and by ilk I mean these so-called Second Wave feminists need to evolve past their primitive understanding of gender and learn to live and let live. Or face the consequences of trying to change us into something we are not. Because we’ve fought long and hard to step out of the proverbial closet and we sure as HELL aren’t going to let ANYONE shove us back in without one helluva fight. And anyone who knows their queer history, knows we know how to fight.

  3. I honestly do not know anyone who is transgender, and probably would not even attempt to identify and classify a stranger as one or not, because that is their journey, not mine. When i go to a restroom, it is to use the facilities and leave. I do not judge every person who comes in and wonder if they are going to assault me. Maybe Roseanne wanted to be assaulted and was disappointed? I feel horrible for the woman in question in this article, because no one deserves to have their life choices questioned and then attacked, by those who don’t agree with them. It’s hard enough to be *different* in our oddly mangled super sexual/super puritanical society, without people claiming your gender identification means you could be a rapist.

  4. As a trans guy myself, I can’t understand how anyone could think that someone who’s trans is “infiltrating” their correct gender, so to speak. That way of thinking is absolutely bigoted and closed-minded. It’s one thing not to be attracted to them, but to say that any trans person is overstepping anyone else’s sexual boundaries just by existing is cruel.

    You’re entitled to your opinions though, Roseanne and bugbrennan, even if they are very, very wrong, and the rest of us pity you for having such simple minds about how the world works.

  5. One wonders how Cathy “Bug” Brennan manages to keep a job as an attorney when she spends so much time on the Internet acting like the Fred Phelps of pseudo-“feminism”. She hates trans women, and even cis women who stand with their trans sisters, with every fiber of her being. Anyone who persecutes us is her hero.

  6. I am very sad to lose a hero to second wave radfem nonsense 😦 I’m not really sure what Roseanne and company are doing in bathrooms to cause them to jump to assuming that someone would be there to be sexual predators, but personally I just do #1, #2, or maybe wash hands or change clothes in private on some occasions. As such this is what I assume other women are doing in the bathroom, but I guess she has different default assumptions than me.

      1. I deleted your second comment because on this blog there is no dismissive or rude comments.I trust you will respect this and continue to make high quality, polite, thoughts.

        My offer to place you into contact with a woman who shares my views is still open.

              1. I respectfully disagree and though you are fully entitled to your opinion I do not believe myself arrogant for simply holding a different view than yourself.

                If this is going to be the breadth of our exchange than I wish you a wonderful day.

        1. 1) Colleen was not a man. She was born a man but made the choice to transition to her actual gender (female).
          2) No one in this story was threatened. You seemed to have bought in the story about all men being rapist and so hence Colleen not being a “real woman” is also a rapist that was going to harm those young ladies. Such is absolutely false. No one was in any danger here. Colleen was simply trying to use the facilities and be on her way.
          3) I cannot comment on your personal interactions with Transgendered people but everyone is different so some persons might try and force their sexual tastes on others; in such a case everyone has the right to their body and safety. However, such in this case, did not present itself.

            1. Colleen was a woman. For the sake of originality I will not repeat this point and instead leave you with a little educational material which I hope you read when you have the time.


              I absolutely agree with you that all woman deserve their own space.

              No, I am not a lesbian.I am a young gay cisgender male.If you wish I can place you into contact with a woman who takes my views; debating with her might cause you too see that regardless of identity a position is not negated because of identity and preference.

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