Marriage Equality Won (2012)!

The results of the November 6th elections were truly stupendous. In all four of the battleground states where marriage equality was up to vote-Maine (where the nation’s first ever voter approval of gay marriage was accomplished), Maryland, Washington and Minnesota (where an anti-marriage equality measure was defeated)-all of these selections passed. Coupled with the re-election of a pro-gay president, the election of the first openly Lesbian member of Senate (Tammy Baldwin), and the upholding the Spanish supreme court in protecting marriage equality in their own nation, the hatemongers over at NOM (National Organization for Marriage) must be in a dismal mood.

The historic victories we have won, however, have shown not only America but indeed the whole world of our resolve. All across the nation volunteers donated their time and energy to make what we have won a reality. While there is still much work to be done all over (especially in terms of anti-discrimination work) it is important to remember that our task now becomes to defending our gains and pressing forward with complete liberation.

I want to thank each and every brother-in-arms who made this wonderful day possible. Without every one of you knocking on doors, calling, emailing, and talking with your friends and family this day would not have been possible. To all of the millions of voters, activists, and supporters out there, I salute you!

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