New thoughts on revolutionary participation in queer struggles…


We received the following submission from Curtis Cole.We hope that the article opens up diverse channels of discussion on the relationship between Queer liberation and communism and how communists participate in a key liberating struggle. Posting the article does not mean endorsement of its arguments.

Consolidating History: The Path for Marriage Advocates

by Curtis Cole

Here, in the United States, the results of the most recent marriage equality votes in the contending states of Maine, Minnesota (against a constitutional ban), Maryland, and Washington displayed fantastic results (all victories).So now the question for the queer community is: how to consolidate these gains and move forward in the remaining states, while the question for the revolutionary community is how to participate.

The heterosexual revolutionary left never had a solid foothold in the queer liberation movement. Instead most of the revolutionary groupings, from Trotskyist to Maoist, were content with joining in with…

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