The Queer Project Report #6

Kicking things off this past week we see Democratic Party lawmakers attempting to gather the two-thirds majority votes needed in order to overturn Governor Chris Christie’s veto of the 2012 marriage equality bill. The proponents have until 2014 to gather said signatures. This is not surprising as it continues the Democratic Party’s trend of entrenching themselves in the malaise of False Progressivism. To further hijack the Queer liberation movement they have been dedicated to championing the cause of the “middle class” homosexuals while turning its revolutionary potential into merely another bourgeois layer in the nascent American working class.

The effects, or lack of positive effects, of this line of thought can be seen in the case of one of the gay murder suspects. Police believe to have made more progress in their hypothesis in that the murderer used gay chat rooms to lure their victims. Hiring an Italian investigator this private eye uncovered some strange details concerning the murderer in that he pretended to be a British MI5 agent. Here we see the decaying tenants of bourgeois ideology taking on the form of reactionary serial killers all to further the cause of heterosexism.  This development is expected for as capitalism continues in its current destruction cycle we Queer Revolutionaries expect for the harbingers of para-fascist convention to try and utilize the ruling class’s instruments in order to expand and legitimize their criminal efforts.

Obviously the movement in the first world has suffered greatly. Yet there is hope that within the third-world, places where imperialism has ravaged and where revolutionary movements are likely to emerge, that the Queer movement will learn from the past and endorse clear-cut positions on society while fighting to preserve their integrity. This is seen in the case of sixteen year old Enamullah, an Afghani youth who recently became the youngest person in Afghanistan history to have gender reassignment surgery. Transitioning into manhood from womanhood, young Enamullah has, together with Afghanistan’s other progressive activists, shown the world and their country’s native reactionaries that the honor of Queer people will not be infringed upon by barbarism.

We can only hope that such bravery persists after the Western occupation forces withdraw and Taliban control is ushered back in. If it does then this persistence will have shown the world that despite hardships and loss the Queer working class of the world preservers. Above all it will show the Western Queer people on how to be brave and how, hopefully, to become revolutionary again.

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