Queer Fascism: Why White Nationalists Are Trying to Drop Homophobia

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The National Policy Institute’s conference for 2015 just wrapped up, one of the most popular intellectual events for the white nationalist movement in the United States.  NPI is run by youngish nationalist Richard Spencer, who encourages the movement to be hip and young.  Out of the almost 175 attendees, a huge portion of them were millennials as they were given significant discounts off of the expensive ticket price.  One person that was disinvited, according to associate Scott Terry and even Spencer himself, was the Traditionalist Youth Network’s Matthew Heimbach.  Matt, who helped to found the Townson University White Student Union before forming Trad Youth, has made statements publicly about queer people infecting others with AIDs purposefully and that they need to be put in “re-education” camps to cure their “mental illness.”  Because of these statements, Spencer decided that he should be banned from the NPI conference.

Matthew Heimbach Matthew Heimbach


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7 thoughts on “Queer Fascism: Why White Nationalists Are Trying to Drop Homophobia

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me in tough situations like these, your like someone I can look up too! Thanks!

  2. Hey, I’m not too sure what your name is, but I just wanted to say thank you for all this help and guides that you have helped us with. I know your a really good man!!! I wanted to ask a question though. I have Broke the ice and everyone knows that I’m by sexual at my middle school. But I’m going to high school next year. And my hormones are off the hook. I keep them in control. But I can just look at some random kid and act crazy. But I have one friend that I’ve been friends with for a while now, and he knows I’m bysextual. He doesn’t mind at all. He sees me as his bet friend. But one question I have been wanting to ask him. Is he bysextual? I mean, I see him talking to girls a lot, but then sometimes he will drop hints on liking me and stuff and sometimes hell just do weird stuff and say he’s just joking. Witch is normal, but sometimes it’s not. It’s kinda hard to explain. But I’m ready to face what he says. Even if he’s not bysextual or gay. But is there any way that I should ask him that he won’t find it really wierd? I one it’s normal for rhim too though.

    1. Hello Alex,

      My username is TGU, short for the TheGodlessUtopian, but my real name is Curtis and I am a university student. Feel free to call me by whatever is comfortable for you.

      Hormones ‘going off the hook’ is a normal, but a pain in the but thing, to deal with at your age, and is why for me, when I was your age, that every gym class nearly provoked an existential erection crisis. Unfortunately, the random hormone attacks you can’t do much about, other than trying your hardest to think about the serene purity of cold water when a piece of cutie walks by… this is much harder than said, obviously, and sometimes feels like a missed connection, but hey, it’s that or suffer the embarrassing consequences, so I go with the ice water meditations; write a book about it someday! Heavens know that you will have the experience to do so by the time your hormones level out. (and on this end, they will not level out for quite a while; I remember it wasn’t until I was 18 that I felt that I had some semblance of control over my hormonal activity, and even then, there would be upsurges which were uncontrollable).

      Regarding your friend, however… I would just ask him up front if he is bisexual or gay. Whether or not you want to tell him about any possible feelings you have for him or if he has feelings for you, I will leave that up to your discretion. But yeah, in terms of not weirding him out, I would recommend just straight up asking him if he is bisexual. Simply say that you do not want to presume anything about him, and that you are not saying anything as an insult, but that you have been curious due to some of his comments directed at you. Ask if it was just friendly banter, how you became a bit confused over the content of the remarks and wanted to know ‘for sure’ just so you could move on to other possibilities.

      If there is anything I regret in my interactions with guys when trying to find out if they are gay or bisexual, it is being overly dramatic or elaborate when it comes to asking what in reality is, or should be, at any rate, a simple, non-threatening question. Also in hindsight, some of the most effective communications of this variety have been when I spoke plainly and directly, even though at the time I thought that said communications were lacking because they didn’t have a ‘flair.’ People– especially high school aged guys– appreciate honesty and a lack of drama, despite whatever they say to the contrary (most of it is a smokescreen, you realize). So in terms of when to ask, maybe not ‘out of the blue’ but when the moment feels right; perhaps when dating is brought up, or flirting, or those vague alludes to sex which tend to appear uninvited and out of the blue when you are young. If he is talking about a girl he likes or a guy that is cool, or whatever, maybe just ask as an aside if he could see himself dating or ‘being with’ a guy. Either that or you could go the lying route and say that you heard from somebody that he was bisexual and you are confirming it… but this option has the option of backfiring and him denying it simply to protect himself from accusations, so I would recommend a more honest approach. In all, I wouldn’t recommend overly-elaborate, hypothetical, story-driven approaches which leave a lot of room for misinterpretation and even frustration at why such ideas are being vouched; I know when people ‘beat around the bush’ with me, I often become irritated if it goes on for too long without any definable idea taking shape. Keep things fixed in reality; save metaphor (which includes ‘metaphorically speaking’ scenarios) for use only during the most sensitive of exchanges, ones where you truly have recourse to indirect communication. But since you have said that he talks with girls a lot, I would not ask him in any public place, better save the big question for when you two are alone and hanging out, or fail that, a truly private place at school. In terms of not weirding him out and being direct, maybe even be as bold as to say something like, “You know how it is normal to be bisexual, because I am bisexual, wouldn’t it be cool if you were bisexual as well?” Such would be something like joke, as it could be passed off as a joke if he doesn’t take it too well, and it connotes the normal, everyday essence of sexuality. Of course, you are to decide what route you will take and would be wise to understand that no matter the approach you decide on, it has the distinct possibility of blowing up horribly.

      Well, I dunno if any of what I said will help, but I hope you got something out of it.



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