The Lonely Island: A “Spring Break” Alternative

The Farmington Review

By Curtis Cole

                Another year, another spring break. Another time for horny undergraduates to travel on their parent’s dime to the various vacation spots catering to young Whites. But, this also means another chance for The Lonely Island to release another politically charged satirical track. What is it this time, you ask? Only the emergence of a homonormativity at the expense of heteronormative representation. Enter: “Spring Break Anthem”.

Ultimately, “Spring Break Anthem” is concerned with ‘passing the torch’. It is a song where heteronormativity is seen but reticulated as homonormativity; socially, this is presented as an inverse of the usual way homosexuals are represented in the mass media. Instead of Gay men depicted as perverted sex-creatures with little to no control over their impulses, they are presented as socially responsible and morally upright individuals; all the while, meanwhile, their heterosexual counterparts are depicted in an unusual spot—immature, overly sexualized…

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