Comment Policy

As a reader of my blog you have the option to comment on each post when it suits you and when you have something to offer the community. However, there are several guidelines which you should be aware of when communicating. Adherence to these points will make for a more enjoyable experience for all.

1)      Keep your message polite, respectful, scorn-free, non-sarcastic and mature. Anything which is deemed even remotely offensive, dismissive, insulting, or counter-productive will be deleted in addition to the previously mentioned categories.

2)      Keep your comments manageable in size. If you need several comment spaces to communicate or if your message is larger than the entry itself than it is not a manageable size.

3)      Bigoted, reactionary, and prejudiced person comments will be deleted and the person banned. I am not a liberal and hence do not care about your “right to speech” or any claim related to censorship. If the person in question follows the above rules and is not “beyond hope” than I may communicate with him for the sake of educational purposes.

4)      People who post under anonymous profiles will have their comments deleted. This is because trolls are known to infest such identities and I will not entertain their nonsense.

5)      If you are a conservative, liberal, libertarian or other such capitalist supporting person and wish to post a comment “correcting me” for being a “misled communist” than please do not bother. Such posts will be deleted as they are not original or very insightful. While during certain blog entries I may specifically ask for such a conversation (and such moments will be crystal clear) generally consider such times as in the minority.
Now that you have read our policy have fun and expand your mind.


(Thank to comrade JMP for being the original inspiration for these guidelines)

4 thoughts on “Comment Policy

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  1. You must hate the first amendment You prosthletize diversity and acceptance except when it comes from opinions you don’t agree with so you delete them. Too bad you can;t delete everything in life that offends you. If what you believe is valid it will stand on its own merits without subjugating others to say only what you want to hear.. If you want to be accepted, then learn to accept.

    1. Dear Mr. Blanston,

      Your concepts are quite misinformed. As a revolutionary I do not hate difference of opinion; it is one of the most fantastical concepts to grace the human mind. Society will only move forward with an open exchange of ideas. This was the idea behind the Cultural Revolution in China. You see, the goal was to move forward to a devolped socialism, which, of course, meant the people (the whole mass of Chinese workers and peasants) needed a working understanding of capitalism and socialism, respectively. However, because certain excesses of the revolutionary state had obscured and prevented people from understanding (from a scientific perspective) was each concept entailed, Mao decided to, through a opposition newspaper, increase their printing so that more people would read and understand what capitalist society stood for. Since China at the time suffered from some very unique contradictions, this was a very successful strategy and it enabled the revolutionary forces to gain more support once the mass of people understood, in the capitalists own words, what their regime meant for them.

      However, in contemporary America, there is no need for this propagation of bourgeois views. The revolutionary forces are fully committed to combating capitalist ideology. So in a cyber realm, like the internet, where hordes of trolls roam the web in search of prey, it is vital that all blogs (especially political blogs) have means in place to ensure that trolls do not infest the integrity of their undertaking. I only delete/prevent comments which go against this philosophy of advancement. If you have something to contribute then by all means, post away, and so as long as you are not attacking the integrity of another commentator, then I will approve your post. However, some posts, like the previous post you tried to comment on, will never be approved for precisely this reason; the thread in question was not an acceptable place to air your grossly mistaken views on sexuality.

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