Reactionary Communism?

It is often assumed that communism equates liberation for the whole of humanity from the shackles of oppression; this includes Persons of Color, Women, and, of course, Queer people. Yet is this set in stone? When a communist mode of production is realized and class society has disintegrated does this automatically entail equality for oppressed and minority groups? Just the same, is the inverse true: is a classless society which still oppresses Queer people (and others) “communist” even when classes have dissolved?

If communism is defined as simply a classless society than it must be agreed upon that bigotry and communism are compatible. To efface such birthmarks more would need to be added to the definition. Yet, as it stands, this is a peculiar contradiction. Mostly for its “against the grain” attitude as communism is traditionally seen as liberation.

Facts do, however, stand in the way. Glaringly, the bourgeois mode of production entails contradiction innate to it as a system which generates and exacerbates Racist and Queerphobic and Sexist attitudes; the need for a reserve army of labor, therefore, is one of the essential components which generate many of the secondary contradictions propelling the reactionary beliefs of capitalist society. Accordingly, it is expected that once the underlying foundation for the bastion of reaction has been stifled (and subsequently replaced with a production mode friendly towards non-bourgeois ideology) that these back-ward understandings will die.

Yet, it does not happen overnight. Regardless, that is why there exist a socialist stage: to smash reactionary attitudes and assist in the march towards equality. However, what if the revolutionary forces are not friendly towards the oppressed? What if they are Queerphobic? In such a scenario it is likely that Queer liberation would never take place; that even under communism minority groups would still face persecution.

This is the importance of forward thinking- to reach beyond one’s self, associate with those suffering under capitalism, and forge a revolutionary paradigm inclusive of all. It is as Mao said, ‘all of us reach communism, or none of us do.’

An Irrational Polemic; or, Oppose Breeder Liberalism

The reactionary scum calling themselves human beings have been busy fucking up the world for Queers. In Uganda, Russia (and Eastern Europe in general), France, Haiti and many other places Queers live a life of fear; they are blackmailed, raped, beaten, and murdered in cold blood while the so-called “authorities” abet and aid the slimeballs who perpetrate these crimes.

                Police (re: pigs) do this because they understand that only through protecting the state, cloaked as it is in a cloth of heterosexism, that their own narrow minded interests will be continued. The pigs know that so as long as a capitalist (re: bourgeoise) apparatus is protected than their pathetic delusions concerning gender and religion will be enshrined. It is a system which perpetuates itself through the dual pillars of church and capitalism and it is one which must be destroyed.

                While in Uganda Queers are criminalized, in Russia they are legal but subject to humiliation and second-citizenship status. In France the right-wing allied with Neo-Nazi fascists to try and block the passing of the marriage for all bill. In both countries the backward tenants of Christianity hold powerful sway. The proponents of this cult have had their violence sanctified by the state. As a result the Queer minority has fallen to nearly sub-human depths.

                It is time to fight back.

Smash Liberal-Opportunism!

                The pieces of shit which dub their ideology “progressive liberalism” are nothing but capital’s left-wing. They live to serve and shield the capitalist system; as a result they have made themselves enemies of the revolutionary Queer- they must be eliminated, crushed, and outright driven under into submission.

                In the wake of Russia’s infamous Anti-Gay Propaganda bill which prohibits gay rights organizations from displaying any pro-gay materials in front of youth and bans all gay pride parades for a hundred years, in addition to the discrimination faced by Queer youth at the hands of fascist neo-nazis luring teenagers into scenarios where they are publically beaten and humiliated, the progressive liberal response to this situation has been to boycott a supposedly homophobic liquor company.

                This kind of nonsense is not confined to Russia. In the wake of learning of Chick-Fil-A’s homophobia the American scene was transformed by a campaign to boycott the popular restaurant; later on a counter-campaign to support the bigots was launched. What does this mean? Primarily that regardless of location the progressive liberal is focused more on reorganizing capital than advancing the Queer working class.

                While fighting tooth and nail for publicity in these commodity campaigns doesn’t hurt the movement towards equality it neither does nothing substantial for it while ultimately leading it along a bourgeois line. Consequently this type of thinking must be combatted for not only its misleading goal of disarming a movement of revolutionary potential but for its rejection of practical methods.

Enter: Violence

                Another facet of liberal ideology is the emphasis on non-violence. They claim that great goals can be accomplished with peaceful modes of struggle. Citing examples such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, they go on and on about the glorious victories stemming from a rejection of bloodshed. There is of course but a single problem: their entire argument is a load of horseshit.

                Let’s be honest: Gandhi didn’t do jack-squat while Mr.King’s movement ended in abject failure challenging only the appearance of racism and not its actual superstructure. Both examples ride on the successes of true revolutionaries who up took arms to fight for what they knew was right. Even in Queer history this is true: to gains rights and something more than “look at that goddamn fag” status, Queer in New York didn’t partition the government but rather rioted and fought the pigs with rocks, fists, and makeshift weapons during the Stonewall Rebellion.

                It is time that the degrading lies of nonviolence be rejected. Since the reactionary elements do not hesitate to use violence why shouldn’t our Queer brothers and sisters in Uganda and Russia? It is important to remember that armed Queers don’t get bashed. Since we also know that non-violence only ever results in fluffy words it is time that Queers in these Queerphobic hellholes take matters into their own hands and start shooting, bombing, and razing to the ground any and all institutions and people who get in their way; after all, a bullet shot is a bullet earned. Real progress is measured in blood, not in the amount of picket signs.

“The Only Church That Illuminates is a Burning One”

                Fuck religion, fuck the pedophile priests, and fuck the counterrevolutionary garbage which pervert the name of Jesus Christ, Abraham, and Mohammed. Such people are not worth the air they breathe. If all of them were to be shot en mass I would consider it their own fault.

                A common tactic of the hopelessly deluded is to dub Queer people pedophiles. This is known in all of the countries listed plus a great deal of others who have erected police forces which refuse to help Queer people after they have been wronged on the grounds that gay men and lesbian woman are pedophiles and hence are subject to arrest. While this goes on the church, in its filthy depravity, covers up the abuse which young boys and girls suffer at the hands of their sickening “priests”.

                The real pedophiles are the pulpit pounders not Queer people!

                Religion only exists to serve capitalism and undermine class consciousness. It is used by the ruling class as an instrument to dull the fury of class warfare by redirecting hatred to invisible sources: “it was God’s judgment that that worker died; he became too greedy for more money by demanding a rise when instead he should have been content with the pay he had.” Had the Church been a legitimately progressive influence on society (I.E. fighting for social justice) it would have been expunged at the start of capitalism.

                Through the Religionist nutjobs Queerphobia is best spread. With the Bible’s numerous instances of Queerphobia the hate of Breeders is tied to it foot and hand.

Oppose Breeder Politics: Eradicate Heterosexism!

                Heterosexism is defined as believing that heterosexuals are superior to homosexuals and other Queer minorities. Yeah, and ice will stay cool in an oven. Give me a fucking break. In terms of reactionary levels these people, these Breeders, are the worst of the worse.

                I will give to them that heterosexuals have been superior in fucking up the world but beyond that I am not willing to compromise on much: in-between reproducing on such a scale that tens-of-thousands of people die a day, to creating the nuclear family and all of the dysfunction which travels in monogamous relationships, the Breeders have done a superb job at becoming superior in terms of proving who is the bigger monster: heteros or homos (Psst… the answer is heteros).

                The unsavory truth is that neither gay nor straight are superior to one another: both are equal (shocking!). Heterosexism is no different from racism, nationalism, or religion. It is an absurd fantasy promoted by the backward as a means to promulgate their rancid lifestyle. Nothing more. As conscious revolutionary Queers the task at hand is to unite all aspects of the working class to battle reaction yet before this can be achieved heterosexism must be firmly dealt with.

Towards A Queer Future

                How does one go about in forging a future which is Queer friendly? Good question. Unfortunately I do not have the answers to that. I can say that it starts with abolishing religion, rejecting capitalism as a viable system, embracing violence, and battling liberalism while upholding a revolutionary communist line. Beyond that though… I haven’t the slightest idea (*wink* *wink*).

Being Realistic: Reactionaries and their Language

Not too long ago a prominent ultra-conservative radio show host defended Russia’s anti-gay propaganda law by claiming that the Russian government is simply being “homo-realistic”, that they are accepting the reality of homosexuality and taking preventive efforts to stop an “unhealthy lifestyle”. Reading this excuse for blatant bigotry brought me back to reactionary politics in general and reminded me of the “Race Realists” who pander the same dribble regarding Colored Persons.

                Among reactionary strata this line of thought is not uncommon. Rather it proliferates as capitalism decays and the progressive tide gains in strength. The reason why is simple: because it doing so the proponents are able to take a “moral high ground”; through rejecting the climate of change they claim they are not rejecting change itself, per se, but rather being realistic about the future, about reality.

                The “Race-Realists” claim that interracial couples threaten the “superiority” of the White man, that other races are not as intelligent or creative as Whites. Backing up this claim they are quick to say they do not hate other races but simply wish to see their own race continue[1]. In this light much of the same can be said of these “Homo-Realistic” individuals: they claim to love gay people and because they “love” them so much they must be honest with them and inform them of the sinful, unhealthy lifestyle they lead. As part of this deranged logic they claim that their love shines through by denying questioning youth gay affirming icons and imagery (the understanding that without such constructs in sight they would develop “normally”).

                As Leftist we must realize (as most of us already know) that both of these “theories”, and others like them, are nothing but junk. They are not legitimate worldly outlooks and as such do not lead to proactive results. The end-result of granting such theories a safe place to grow is uncontested misery in the form of depressed, suicidal youth and ashamed racial minorities.

                Make no mistake- there is no such thing as being “Homo-Realistic” or “Race-Realistic” .Each concept are excuses for bigotry. There is no reality to race or homosexuality. Both exist exactly as they appear: varying Melatonin levels and biological roots; skin color is simply skin color and sexual attraction is blasé. Neither determines the intellectual capacity or heath standing of an individual

[1] The “White Man’s Burden” pseudo-theory can be considered an outgrowth of this line of thinking when previous defenses fail; they claim that it is the White man’s burden to help civilize and uplift the other races and that in return these people must acknowledge the actions taken towards them as “positive”. This was largely been a justification for Imperialism.

Chadzworld: Queer Youth Support Site

(Please note that this entry was written during a time when the site now called Chadzworld was called Chadzboyz. For any Queer youth finding it difficult to overcome some personal obstacles I emplore you to check out the following site and get some of the help and friends which you deserve)

– – – – –

During your time on our great planet called Earth, you might ask yourself the following question: why should I join the chadz LGBT Teen (although we welcome all ages, assuming everyone gets along well with each other) Support Forum? The answers are many, and during the course of our journey together I shall illuminate them for you.


                Here on chadz you will find a community unlike any other. This is a community built from the ground up with caring individuals; with people who honestly about you as a person, and not just a “poster.”

                Most recently I underwent a period of short, yet extreme, depression. This was triggered from my less than stellar experience at a local Gay Pride Prom; I had discovered that I was among the very few real singles there. I watched as all the other participants became tender with one another, and greeted each other in groups. Most came with their partners, and those who didn’t, came with a group thereby making things very awkward if you wanted to talk with someone. Everyone knew each other and was happy, while I remained alone.

                I walked away from that dance more depressed than I had been in months; I fumed and raged prior to slipping down deep into the pits of misery. Yet, there were those who cared. Those who decided to go above and beyond the call of duty in assisting me in feeling better.

                When I had “fumed” I had posted my feelings of sorrow onto a frequently visited thread known as the “Vent Thread” within the “Advice Couch forum (a great place to go if you need help). I wasn’t expecting a response, yet someone cared enough to attempt to cheer me up. What followed was several days of messages filled with hugs and consolatory gestures.

                The affection this young man showed me is by no means uncommon behavior. Everyday people here lift one another up. This is a forum of people, not posters; this is a community.


                Here on chadz, we have a unique cast of characters to meet everyone’s needs. Whether its political, hobby related or any other craft you can imagine, we have ‘em! Chadz has people from many different walks of life, and many, if not all of them, would be more than glad to share their experiences with you (if you only joined that is!).

                While currently Chadz is a bit lacking in female members, this is something which we are aiming to correct. Within our newest site version we have feminine pictures for our lesbian members, and have been increasing the amount of attention given to issues of the womanly gender. However, the only thing which will really allow the lesbian community fly is by strong, proud young woman (perhaps much like yourself?) from enlisting in our army of diversity!

                This is the same situation which we have found our transgendered brethren and sistern in. However, while shorthanded right now on great people like these, you can assist us in turning chadzboyz into a place where all are included just by joining and sticking around to help your future comrades when they inevitably join. After all, everyone needs a welcoming committee and I believe you would make a fantastic one!

                Safe Place

                I am proudly able to say that you will find no other place on the internet that is safer than Chadz GLBT Teen support forum! Don’t take my word for it though, just see what our embers have to say!

                Chadz has provided a safe haven for me. This site is where I can go and know that nobody is going to tease or bully me (like what happens on other sites). Everybody is nice and helpful. Being in the coming out process requires a ton of support which Chadz has helped with.

                Quite the endorsement, eh? You see, here on Chadz the majority of our members are young people just like you. Some are locked in “the closet,” while others are prancing around free. Some have life partners, while many still search. We know and understand your life, so we know where you are coming from. Here we understand the feeling you get when a boy you liked has offhandedly mentioned his girlfriend, or when a “butchy” lady comments on a man’s “appendage” in a very heterosexual way. We feel your depression and pain, because we have been there ourselves. Never will you hear, or suffer, degenerating words of hate or shame. We love each other here and that’s the way Its always been.


                However, not all is serious on Chadz, for we also know how to have fun! There is so much joking and good times that you would need a planet sized box to fit even a small portion of the total joy.  In the words of one member who has been here for years, “…there are some absolutely hilarious comments, topics and threads which never cease to amuse me.” A small taste of the total hilarity.

                Within this little community of ours we have what we call the “Fun House” forum. This is the location where much of our good times take place. Game threads, such as “The Story Line Game” and “The Word Challenge Thread, are abound in this area and I can almost guarantee that you will find something that will make you laugh till milk shoots out of your nose (whether or not you are actually drinking milk!). Then we have the Culture Scene forum where any full member can post their literary works (such as poems and short stories), discuss current books and authors, and other mind provoking topics of concern to the world of books. Following this is the “Show Time” forum where one can talk about movies, actors and anything related to the world of films.


                You might have already guessed so, but we are big on supporting one another. As previously stated we care about each other in the way only a community can.

                However, sometimes we need more than the kindness of a single soul. Sometimes we need the whole of the community to help us out. On Chadz you will find two support forums: “Advice couch” and I “Need Help Now.”

                The Advice Couch forum is for moderate problems or questions. Minor things such as what to wear to a dance, whether or not a boy likes me and so forth are usually the order of the day, but this depends entirely on what your outlook is. If you think its minor than it goes here, but if you believe it is major than feel free to use the other forum.

                The I Need Help Now forum is intended for more serious problems. Depression, suicide, homelessness and so forth are the types of situations encountered here.

                You are free to use both forums as much as you need to. When you post your query will be answered as soon as humanly possible by one of our members. But wait, the help doesn’t stop there! Here on Chadz we also employ a crack team of advice givers we call CAT (Chadz Advice Team). All’s you have to do is send them a message to a member with a bold Pink username and they will reply with their advice when they are able to (usually this process is very quick, a couple days at the most).

                And again! More to come! Chadz also has a forum called “Your Health,” an area where you can post your questions about sex, masturbation, STD’s and other diseases, proper condom use and any other questions you might have. If it is related to your body in any way, this is the place to go!

                Remember, our members will go to any lengths to help you, just listen to these brave individuals speak….

                “I enjoy helping the members here at chadz, because of the good things this site has done for me. I get a good feeling from helping out the guys, and in return there is always someone to chat to when I have issues or need to talk things through :)”


                “Well I’ve been here since 04, and the one things I’ve seen is I’m nowhere near as alone as I thought. I met some great people, gained the confidence to come out.”


                “Basically it’s helped me to meet others who understand my situation and don’t judge me for it. It’s good to have somebody sympathetic to talk to once in a while. Other sites I’ve tried seem only interested in compatibility with other members and what your personal preferences are, and people seem really judgmental. Definitely not that way here.”

                How much more convincing do you need in order to join our community? More?! Well, don’t worry, because I have more!

                Intellectual Debate

                Perhaps you are an intellectual who is looking for a mentally challenging debate? Well, look no further!

Chadz is home to two major hubs of discussion. The first is “World Events” where anyone can debate the happenings of the world and their personal political beliefs. In short, this is the location to discuss all the news stories you hear about in the media. After all, sharing your opinion is as American as apple pie, right?

The second forum is known as “World Religions,” where topics concerning spirituality are placed. Anything related to the supernatural as its place here. Religions, cults, gods, atheism and more reside here. Join now and engage others in a heated, but respectful, debate concerning the spirit (or lack, therefore).  One member said the following about the world religions forum,”.. .but it’s absolutely true. I’ve actually grown in mt atheism as a result of the world religions forum :-bd Again that is true. And it’s my number reason to thank Chadz.” A great and a half to be sure, find yourself through debate!

                However, Chadz LGBT Teen Support forum is all about mutual aid on the religious bigotry of the zealot. Within the reliions forum you will find several threads whose main purpose is to help, as a Christian, understand that the Bible doesn’t condemn homosexuals. To further illuminate check out the threads here, go to the support section of the website, or just send our resident religious scholar NewMorning a visit. He would be more than glad to answer any queries you have concerning homosexuality and the bible.

While much of our content in religion has to do with Christianity, this doesn’t mean we do not have the time of day for Judaism, Islam, or Buddhism/Hinduism. Rather, it simply means that we have a lack of those that adhere to those particular faiths. If you happen to have knowledge on the true meaning of these religions, and are able to interpret them in a fashion that reveals they do not condemn same-sex attractions, than please get your topic up for others to read! We strive to include all in our community, so please share and hang around for potential brothers and sisters.


I cannot even begin to describe all the ways in which the Chadz LGBT support forum has helped and given me friends. Here on Chadz, our members are looking for others like you to talk and hang with; they want to share their life with you and be there when things get bad. One member said,” Further more, Chadz is a great place for friends. I’ve finally made gay friends thanks to Chadz. Chadzboyz has successfully created an accepting community which I feel a part of which mean so much to someone who doesn’t exactly fit in at school or home.” Remind you of you?

I myself have made dozens of friends while cruising around the forum and I can safely say the friends I made here have been my greatest safety net; strong and thick as the day is long these people’s words and companionship are. Trust me when I say that you will meet people here that you will remember, and perhaps even communicate with, for life. Who knows, maybe even your soul mate is here waiting?

                Well, there you have it! A great deal of the reasons to join us and our wonderful community! So, what are you waiting for?! Click on the “FORUM” buttom in the upper right-hand part of the screen and sign up; start on your career to online happiness!

Transgender Resistance

As oppression become heavier resistance becomes fiercer.  This much is certain. And while in the case of the Transgender Equality Movement this fact has taken some more time to show, in part because of the intense bigotry, recent events from across the Earth have proved this thesis to be sound; that so as long as reactionary paper tigers search the realm in search of fodder there will be progressive hunters longing to poach.

The first instance of such resistance can be seen here in Imperialist America. Enter the case of Kayla Moore, a transgender woman who died in police custody on the 14th of March after arrested on yet unreleased charges involving “resisting arrest”. How this woman died is not yet known and will not yet be known for some time.

Obviously this event is tragic. In all likelihood this woman was murdered by the police pigs. The intense animosity towards members of the Queer community is well documented among enforcers of the bourgeois state. Because of this historical fact it is no surprise that protests erupted in the wake of Kayla’s death; with dozens of protesters demonstrating outside of the police station the event turned militant when several of the demonstrators shouted “Vengeance for Kayla Moore”. Meeting the riot gear clad cops the demonstration nearly came to blows.

While none were arrested in this action it nonetheless is evident that the slumbering militant of the Queer community are being roused to action. Not just in Berkeley California either. For the Transgender resistance is also rising in Vietnam where the situation for Transgender persons is changing with the howling political winds of social change.

As in any capitalist or even socialist, for that matter, state Vietnam has a saddening history of heterosexism. Discrimination prevails heavily in the air with many Transgender people forced out of school forcing them to take on menial cultural gigs performing at funerals. Yet as with any movement the tide is turning. Increasingly throughout the last year the ruling Vietnamese party has been happily throwing out crumbs in an effort to appease the social opposition.

Their promises have included proposed legislation on legalizing homosexual marriage as well as remarking that specific reactionary gender norms present within the system have been preventing Transgender people from identifying, legally, in the manner which they so desire (such as undergoing sex-change operations and having their preferred gender listed on their I.D tags).

While they are doing this primary to win a human rights seat at the United Nations their actions, nonetheless, prove that the genuinely progressive grassroots campaigns have a place even in “totalitarian” places like Vietnam. Such pressures have taken the form of fruits in the mass-media with the Vietnamese version of “American Idol” (aptly dubbed Vietnam Idol) sporting several prominent Transgender celebrities which the nation’s multitude of young people are able to list off without hesitation.

While the movement has its gains (such as the first national transgender workshop held in August which was attended by government officials) it still has a long way to go in overcoming the powerful stigma still nauseatingly prevalent in Vietnamese society. Naturally, many Transgender people there are still forced to lead double lives where they must often “revert” back to the gender of their birth in order to keep on acceptable terms with family only to switch back when the return to their “other” life (often situated in a city).

Yet even with these obstacles there exists great room for change. If the movement keeps up and the leaders do not allow themselves to be led astray by false promises then Vietnam could become a beacon for Queer rights in the region. If this happened it would not only be a monumental accomplishment for activists and revolutionaries in the area but it would prove to the Western world that the Imperialist bourgeoisie does not have a monopoly on human rights.

The Queer Project Report #6

Kicking things off this past week we see Democratic Party lawmakers attempting to gather the two-thirds majority votes needed in order to overturn Governor Chris Christie’s veto of the 2012 marriage equality bill. The proponents have until 2014 to gather said signatures. This is not surprising as it continues the Democratic Party’s trend of entrenching themselves in the malaise of False Progressivism. To further hijack the Queer liberation movement they have been dedicated to championing the cause of the “middle class” homosexuals while turning its revolutionary potential into merely another bourgeois layer in the nascent American working class.

The effects, or lack of positive effects, of this line of thought can be seen in the case of one of the gay murder suspects. Police believe to have made more progress in their hypothesis in that the murderer used gay chat rooms to lure their victims. Hiring an Italian investigator this private eye uncovered some strange details concerning the murderer in that he pretended to be a British MI5 agent. Here we see the decaying tenants of bourgeois ideology taking on the form of reactionary serial killers all to further the cause of heterosexism.  This development is expected for as capitalism continues in its current destruction cycle we Queer Revolutionaries expect for the harbingers of para-fascist convention to try and utilize the ruling class’s instruments in order to expand and legitimize their criminal efforts.

Obviously the movement in the first world has suffered greatly. Yet there is hope that within the third-world, places where imperialism has ravaged and where revolutionary movements are likely to emerge, that the Queer movement will learn from the past and endorse clear-cut positions on society while fighting to preserve their integrity. This is seen in the case of sixteen year old Enamullah, an Afghani youth who recently became the youngest person in Afghanistan history to have gender reassignment surgery. Transitioning into manhood from womanhood, young Enamullah has, together with Afghanistan’s other progressive activists, shown the world and their country’s native reactionaries that the honor of Queer people will not be infringed upon by barbarism.

We can only hope that such bravery persists after the Western occupation forces withdraw and Taliban control is ushered back in. If it does then this persistence will have shown the world that despite hardships and loss the Queer working class of the world preservers. Above all it will show the Western Queer people on how to be brave and how, hopefully, to become revolutionary again.

The Queer Trans Youth Summit 2012

Amid the rain and humid whether a solitary figure walked, paced back and forth while waiting for a ride. While this figure walked he listened to death metal and tired his best to pass the time. An onlooker might think what this person was doing all by himself loitering around a Best Western Inn, others might disregard him as a weirdo. But not me, why? Because that figure was me!

Such a situation is not an uncommon occurrence for many young grassroots activists. Deprived of means of transportation such people will do anything to snare a ride, especially if it is to such a highly anticipated event such as the Maine Queer Trans Youth Summit.

Fancying myself a reporter I undergo such experiences routine but it was always good to not spend too much time in the wild; needless to say I was relieved when my ride came and we were on our way towards the Summit. The van ride was filled with about half-a-dozen other college students all of whom were eager to arrive at one of the few events in the year where Queer youth such as themselves weren’t ostracized.

Arriving at the Lewiston-Auburn college of Southern Maine everyone signed in before taking their seats in a wide chamber clearly designed for convergences such as these. The speaker talked of life beyond equality and how one day complete equality would be ours if we decided to fight for it. Yet arriving late as my group did most of the opening presentation was lost to us.

Such proved not to be a problem; however, as afterwards the great mass of young people dispersed to attend their chosen workshop. With so many great workshops on the agenda missing out on some of the commencement speech proved little more than numbing. The workshops were many and great and I had a great difficulty in choosing which one to first attend.

Ultimately, though, I decided on the shop on cyber-bulling hosted by Kay Stephen (Author of Cyber-Slammed). During this workshop we were given a quick run-down on what constitutes cyber-bullying, the different kinds of cyber-bullying, and the six primary methods bullies along with some simple counter-measures one could enacted to protect one’s identity. The workshop proved to be enlightening and something which would be of value to my own efforts to prevent cyber-bullying.

Following the end of the first workshop was a brief lunch break where attendees could feast on the myriad assortment of meals and drinks. Cruising along the hallways one could pick up a veritable array of free loot at the numerous tables.

Moving past the lunch break was a period of safe-sex and HIV prevention lectures and games. Attending a group which played a AIDS prevention version of Jeopardy, and being accused of witchcraft for our winning knowledge, it was among the funniest amusements of the day; fun disguised as learning could not be a better combination for the young persons in attendance.

Post-HIV prevention games marched the second series of workshops. Once again my brain was wacked by which one to attend by after some mild mental gymnastics decided on “How to Support and Start a GSTA.” The speakers were from the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (G.L.S.E.N). Our hosts proved to be knowledgeable activists and officiated on each attendee’s needs (which proved to be diverse as among the youth who joined each had a different situation). I gave some vital contact information which I hoped would be worthy for future efforts and went on my merry way.

But alas with the end of the second series of workshops also came the end of the day.

Shuffling back to the chamber where everyone met at the beginning of the day we listened to a powerful speaker bellow about the history of struggle the Queer community endured and fought and advocated. His words were only matched by his passion and by the end of the speech he, a professor at the college, received a standing ovation and several thanks for his energy.

So ended the gathering everyone has been excited for. While you would have had to truly be there to experience it in its fullest form such were the details in rough. People from all over the state came, friends were made and relationships of struggle born. Until the next year no one would know what would come of everyone’s interactions but anyone, on the other hand, would know that judging from the enthusiasm, the results would be grand.

The State of International Queer Liberation

The “Rainbow Fist” is an insignia for the Queer Working Class.

May ninth will be a historic year for the gay liberation movement in North America. This is because American President Barack Obama announced his backing of Gay marriage. Though bourgeois apologists have claimed that this move will push forward the global equality campaign such a statement is a complete fabrication. The truth couldn’t be more backwards. With many countries becoming more anti-American by the minute, and often doing the opposite of whatever America does,  any endorsement from the United States will only serve as another reason why bigoted nations crackdown on equality protesters.

With the decline of capitalism entering its second decade, a decade which, much like its predecessor, will be marked by Imperialist interventions, repressive social measures, and draconian austerity pushes, the ruling class will seek to undermine popular uprisings by dividing the working class. In a world so disturbed by unrest many minorities are caught in the crosshairs and used as scapegoats. In our modern epoch no minority is perhaps more persecuted than sexual minorities; the people of the Queer movement (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender) face the brunt of the assault.

In Europe, with the rise of Neo-Fascism steadily climbing, many Queer people are facing bigoted governments. In Russia, within the city of St. Petersburg, the city board passed an “Anti-Gay Propaganda” bill which prohibits any “promotion” of Queer people. Because of this bill many activists have already been arrested. The recent conviction of Nikolai Alexeyev proves that the reactionary Russian government intends to stick with this law. Worse yet, other cities in the former USSR are attempting to pass similar legislation.

Going beyond Russia one finds within the African Continent widespread Homophobia. For men homosexuality is illegal in 29 countries while for women it is illegal in 20 countries. Examining such fear more closely one will find that Uganda still reigns supreme with its rigid maintenance of patriarchal social-systems.  Under such orders the Ugandan government still seeks to pass its infamous “Kill All Gays” bill; though once defeated it has reemerged with some support.

Moving onto China we can see how “capitalist road travelers” have firmly entrenched the Western stigmatization of homosexuality. Though Same-Sex attraction was officially “legalized” in 1997, and removed from the Ministry of Health’s list of mental diseases in 2001, modern China maintains “traditional” unions. It is routine for police to raid gay establishments, depictions of Same-Sex couples are banned from television, and the Absolute Neutrality policy (commonly referred to as the “Three No’s) All but prohibit the ruling party from any progressive action.

Yet, no location is perhaps more important than the United States. With North America being home to the citadel of worldwide Imperialism, and the U.S.A readily calling itself a progressive nation, the status of the Queer Liberation movement here is important precisely for the reasons which many heterosexual revolutionaries fail to see.

Though several American States have passed laws allowing homosexual marriage, with more states doing all but allowing marriage, discrimination remains high. Many Queer activists are fooled into advocating for the failed institution of marriage because they honestly believe it will lead to equality. Yet, the opposite is most often true. This is evidenced by the continuing epidemic of gay teenagers committing suicide. Many of these suicides have taken place within areas which were above the so-called “Bible Belt” and thusly were considered desirable areas for Queer couples to immigrate to.

Facts such as this should be studied by all socialist revolutionaries for exactly the same reason that the marriage battlers want to be married: equality. The reality is that the anti-discrimination and bullying movement is far more prevalent. Within this movement progress is likely to be reached within a duel fashion: as soon as all discrimination is truly expelled than marriage would naturally be the end result. Many bourgeois activists, however, fail to see such methods and opt instead for the direct route of marriage (the reasoning that with marriage will come acceptance).

These American movements are important to note because of the ripple effect American power has on its allied Imperial camps. As social tides change and the working class begins to assert themselves throughout the world, the bourgeoisie finds each passing day their power dwindling. It will only be expected that to reassure their stranglehold they will adopt successful tactics as operated by their foreign counterparts.

This event is what some Situationists might refer to as “Recuperation.” Simply put it is when the Ruling Class takes an event which has at one time threatened their position and now uses it to strengthen their base. Decades ago the Gay Liberation movement was militant and lead by all stripes of the revolutionary left, yet, as progress slowed, and the religious fundamentalist counter-revolution gained momentum, the movement which had once been radical gradually became mired in reactionary goals and tactics.

Such an example is exactly what has happened in the allied camps. In this manner the battle for marriage, and not anti-discrimination, is another example of a degenerated workers movement that the bourgeoisie harnessed to protect themselves; though conservative elements oppose such a goal the liberal wing understands that even when the day comes where marriage is made legal it will no longer pose a threat to their control.

Under this strategy the Ruling Class seeks to export such tactics to both their allies and their enemies; their allies via diplomatic and societal coercion, and their enemies, those capitalist nations which exist outside the American sphere of influence, by brute force (often known as “Humanitarian Interventions”). Though often a slow process the Capitalist class invariably gets want they want sooner or later.

Using Recuperation, to again use the Situationist term, the reactionaries fool the masses into believing their progressive rhetoric thus eliminating an obstacle and gaining a friend (Once the immediate goal of marriage has been satisfied many bourgeois activist see little reason to continue participating and thus return to the bourgeois system full heartedly).

Their victory is reflected in how their citizenry are treated. In American life this often translates to Transsexuals; a minority within a minority that is often persecuted by reactionary Queer elements.

With the trial of CeCe McDonald drawing to a close and many Transgender activists furious at the incident, many Americans are blind to Transgender struggle despite contributing to the hatred. CeCe was attacked late one night while patroning a local convenient store. Her attackers were four Caucasians, one of which had a Swastika tattoo on his chest. CeCe defended herself and though the details are hazy by the end of the night two of her attackers lay dead.

CeCe, a colored Transwomen, was a dedicated activist and role model for the Queer youth she lived with. Yet this did not stop her from being unjustly persecuted as a criminal. It is commonly assumed that CeCe took the offered plea deal because she understood that she would be convicted and sent away for a much heavier sentence than if she refused.

It must not be overlooked that it was fear which drove her to accept this deal (a deal which gave her 41 months behind bars). Fear that manifested itself as a direct result of the Queerphobic and racist attitudes which still persist in America despite the election of a Black man and the widespread “Justice for Trayvarn Martin” movement. This episode indicates that many Americans have such Transphobia that even their supposed anti-racist convictions cannot push them to helping another human. In this manner they reveal that though they fight for Martin’s “Justice” they are, in fact, little better than petite-racists for their rejection of CeCe’s struggle.

We see here that American politics are opportunist: Obama announcing his support for gay marriage while overlooking CeCe McDonald, is potent proof of the reactionary intents of even the so-called “progressive” bourgeois dictatorships. It is simply another tactic the bourgeoisie uses in its never ending campaign to adjust to new social climates.

In conclusion, though in some parts of the world the bourgeoisie have been tactful and granted some steam towards the Queer Rights movement such support is misleading; it weakens the Working Class movement while adding to the Capitalist class’s “moral reserve;” it does this not from any inherent Queerphobic paranoias but from depriving activists a vital tool in organizing. As revolutionary anti-capitalists it is our mission to fight with our Queer brothers and sisters. We must battle alongside them for anti-discrimination measures, equal treatment in the workplace, and where no other more progressive cause exists, a revolutionized effort at attaining marriage.

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