Florida: A Symptom of Fascist Decay


Recently, a gunman opened fire in a Queer nightclub in the U.S. state of Florida. Armed with an automatic weapon and a handgun, the terrorist managed to kill at least fifty people and wound dozens more before he was killed by police as he attempted to take hostages. The attack is the worst mass-shooting in U.S. history.

What can we say about this incident? The moralist left has already had their share: it is a senseless, violent act perpetuated by someone deeply disturbed; their hearts are with everyone in this senseless tragedy. Although it is never bad to sympathize and show solidarity with those affected by terrorism, when it comes to violence against oppressed and marginalized communities, such sentimentality misses the point of why the act of violence was carried out in the first place.

In contemporary America, capitalism is, and has been for a long while, in a state of decay. Neoliberalism and neoconservatism have eroded a whole host of welfare and social programs, while, in turn, the Right-wing have gained immensely as Identity Politics have taken the stage; scientific and revolutionary ideology, meanwhile, has degenerated, with Leftist-hobby tendencies (such as Left Communism and Trotskyism), taking a more prominent level of appreciation to the point where they are seen as the official incarnations of Marxism.

This is all to say that the situation in the United States is bleak. The ruling class, moreover, knows that it is bleak and hence why they attempt to bulwark their rotting edifice by prompting identity politics. Although not a time or a place to go into detail on the nature of Queer individualism and identity politics more generally, it needs to be said that the rationale for this latest act of terrorism lies in the hands of the bourgeoisie and their advancement of postmodern Id-Pol.

We need to remember that the capitalist class is in crisis. This is why they are pushing identity politics– they want people, especially minority, oppressed, and super-exploited groups, to feel as if their community has a role to play. So, in order to accomplish this, they have launched a campaign of reform and multi-identity acceptance. Understanding that they have nothing to fear from same-sex marriage and anti-binary gender distinctions, they discarded the archaic heterosexist marriage laws and have allowed trans-queer activists to enter the political fold (so as to, like Gay and Black groups before them, have their goals ultimately usurped by the liberal bourgeois elements and thus recuperated into the superstructure as an instance of American exceptionalism).

Such a moment is done, remember, while ultra-conservative and Rightist neo-reactionary elements have thrived in a country where, under the pushing of minority Identity Politics as spearheaded by Obama the Bomber, have incited counterrevolutionary forces to the zenith of their paranoid-delusional fantasies and conspiracy theories. Under Obama, anti-Semitic, White Supremacist, Neo-Nazi groups have exploded and along with this explosion a deluge of misinformation and historical revisionism; we now see a political landscape mired with forces who view their idea of America as a thing of the past, where ‘ultra lefties, pinkos, commies,’ and the rest, have stolen the country and are indoctrinating youth with their esoteric academic views on gender and sexuality.

While much in the Leftist media have covered the violence against Black and Persons of color in this epoch of identity, little has been said in regards to Queer life. This is funny because non-heteronormative persons suffer all the same under a white-cis-hetero supremacist regime (especially, those Queer Persons of Color who, in this moment as the gunman being identified as someone from Afghan ancestry, will need solidarity which does more than express good wishes).

This brings us back to our present moment where, as over a hundred innocent people are made casualties at the hand of a terrorist, the Moralist left fails to consider the deeper ramifications of this assault; instead of organizing and publishing slogans of resistance to what is clearly a fascistic attack, the Queer and left groups are content to sentimentally mourn over this senseless tragedy instead of organizing self-defense committees and beginning the armament campaign needed to fend off fascist terror.

Fascist terror is not senseless; it is directed and rationalized. Deluded, but rational in its application: they want to “take America back” and “make America great again.” And they know how to do it.

The Leftist response to this attack should be something more than solidarity with the victims, it should, and needs to be, more than merely a sentimental tribute to the victims– it needs to be organized resistance to the white-hetero patriarchy which has fostered this death cult. It needs to be resistance led by a scientific ideal. Otherwise, we can expect to see more of these attacks without the proper means of ending the terror, all the while the further radicalization of the Right spurs ever greater means of violence.

An Irrational Polemic; or, Oppose Breeder Liberalism

The reactionary scum calling themselves human beings have been busy fucking up the world for Queers. In Uganda, Russia (and Eastern Europe in general), France, Haiti and many other places Queers live a life of fear; they are blackmailed, raped, beaten, and murdered in cold blood while the so-called “authorities” abet and aid the slimeballs who perpetrate these crimes.

                Police (re: pigs) do this because they understand that only through protecting the state, cloaked as it is in a cloth of heterosexism, that their own narrow minded interests will be continued. The pigs know that so as long as a capitalist (re: bourgeoise) apparatus is protected than their pathetic delusions concerning gender and religion will be enshrined. It is a system which perpetuates itself through the dual pillars of church and capitalism and it is one which must be destroyed.

                While in Uganda Queers are criminalized, in Russia they are legal but subject to humiliation and second-citizenship status. In France the right-wing allied with Neo-Nazi fascists to try and block the passing of the marriage for all bill. In both countries the backward tenants of Christianity hold powerful sway. The proponents of this cult have had their violence sanctified by the state. As a result the Queer minority has fallen to nearly sub-human depths.

                It is time to fight back.

Smash Liberal-Opportunism!

                The pieces of shit which dub their ideology “progressive liberalism” are nothing but capital’s left-wing. They live to serve and shield the capitalist system; as a result they have made themselves enemies of the revolutionary Queer- they must be eliminated, crushed, and outright driven under into submission.

                In the wake of Russia’s infamous Anti-Gay Propaganda bill which prohibits gay rights organizations from displaying any pro-gay materials in front of youth and bans all gay pride parades for a hundred years, in addition to the discrimination faced by Queer youth at the hands of fascist neo-nazis luring teenagers into scenarios where they are publically beaten and humiliated, the progressive liberal response to this situation has been to boycott a supposedly homophobic liquor company.

                This kind of nonsense is not confined to Russia. In the wake of learning of Chick-Fil-A’s homophobia the American scene was transformed by a campaign to boycott the popular restaurant; later on a counter-campaign to support the bigots was launched. What does this mean? Primarily that regardless of location the progressive liberal is focused more on reorganizing capital than advancing the Queer working class.

                While fighting tooth and nail for publicity in these commodity campaigns doesn’t hurt the movement towards equality it neither does nothing substantial for it while ultimately leading it along a bourgeois line. Consequently this type of thinking must be combatted for not only its misleading goal of disarming a movement of revolutionary potential but for its rejection of practical methods.

Enter: Violence

                Another facet of liberal ideology is the emphasis on non-violence. They claim that great goals can be accomplished with peaceful modes of struggle. Citing examples such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, they go on and on about the glorious victories stemming from a rejection of bloodshed. There is of course but a single problem: their entire argument is a load of horseshit.

                Let’s be honest: Gandhi didn’t do jack-squat while Mr.King’s movement ended in abject failure challenging only the appearance of racism and not its actual superstructure. Both examples ride on the successes of true revolutionaries who up took arms to fight for what they knew was right. Even in Queer history this is true: to gains rights and something more than “look at that goddamn fag” status, Queer in New York didn’t partition the government but rather rioted and fought the pigs with rocks, fists, and makeshift weapons during the Stonewall Rebellion.

                It is time that the degrading lies of nonviolence be rejected. Since the reactionary elements do not hesitate to use violence why shouldn’t our Queer brothers and sisters in Uganda and Russia? It is important to remember that armed Queers don’t get bashed. Since we also know that non-violence only ever results in fluffy words it is time that Queers in these Queerphobic hellholes take matters into their own hands and start shooting, bombing, and razing to the ground any and all institutions and people who get in their way; after all, a bullet shot is a bullet earned. Real progress is measured in blood, not in the amount of picket signs.

“The Only Church That Illuminates is a Burning One”

                Fuck religion, fuck the pedophile priests, and fuck the counterrevolutionary garbage which pervert the name of Jesus Christ, Abraham, and Mohammed. Such people are not worth the air they breathe. If all of them were to be shot en mass I would consider it their own fault.

                A common tactic of the hopelessly deluded is to dub Queer people pedophiles. This is known in all of the countries listed plus a great deal of others who have erected police forces which refuse to help Queer people after they have been wronged on the grounds that gay men and lesbian woman are pedophiles and hence are subject to arrest. While this goes on the church, in its filthy depravity, covers up the abuse which young boys and girls suffer at the hands of their sickening “priests”.

                The real pedophiles are the pulpit pounders not Queer people!

                Religion only exists to serve capitalism and undermine class consciousness. It is used by the ruling class as an instrument to dull the fury of class warfare by redirecting hatred to invisible sources: “it was God’s judgment that that worker died; he became too greedy for more money by demanding a rise when instead he should have been content with the pay he had.” Had the Church been a legitimately progressive influence on society (I.E. fighting for social justice) it would have been expunged at the start of capitalism.

                Through the Religionist nutjobs Queerphobia is best spread. With the Bible’s numerous instances of Queerphobia the hate of Breeders is tied to it foot and hand.

Oppose Breeder Politics: Eradicate Heterosexism!

                Heterosexism is defined as believing that heterosexuals are superior to homosexuals and other Queer minorities. Yeah, and ice will stay cool in an oven. Give me a fucking break. In terms of reactionary levels these people, these Breeders, are the worst of the worse.

                I will give to them that heterosexuals have been superior in fucking up the world but beyond that I am not willing to compromise on much: in-between reproducing on such a scale that tens-of-thousands of people die a day, to creating the nuclear family and all of the dysfunction which travels in monogamous relationships, the Breeders have done a superb job at becoming superior in terms of proving who is the bigger monster: heteros or homos (Psst… the answer is heteros).

                The unsavory truth is that neither gay nor straight are superior to one another: both are equal (shocking!). Heterosexism is no different from racism, nationalism, or religion. It is an absurd fantasy promoted by the backward as a means to promulgate their rancid lifestyle. Nothing more. As conscious revolutionary Queers the task at hand is to unite all aspects of the working class to battle reaction yet before this can be achieved heterosexism must be firmly dealt with.

Towards A Queer Future

                How does one go about in forging a future which is Queer friendly? Good question. Unfortunately I do not have the answers to that. I can say that it starts with abolishing religion, rejecting capitalism as a viable system, embracing violence, and battling liberalism while upholding a revolutionary communist line. Beyond that though… I haven’t the slightest idea (*wink* *wink*).

Freedom for CeCeMcdonald

It has been a long road for CeCe Mcdonald. After unjustly being imprisoned for an act of self-defense in which two of her attackers died, she is finally being released from the prisons of capitalist America. The announcement came from the website of the “correctional facility” in which CeCe was being held; the date foe her expected release is January 13th, a date which she is undoubtedly highly anticipating. 

CeCe, who has been described as the youth which she lived with as a caring, thoughtful person, is a Trans-woman of color. One night upon patronage of a local convenient store, however, she was set upon by several Skinhead Neo-Nazis. A brawl ensured by which CeCe fought back and managed to kill several of the fascist scumbags while severely wounding another. For this act though she was unjustly condemned by the heterosexist courts and incarcerated.

Now, however, thanks to the unending activism and advocacy of progressive and revolutionary activists both in and without the Queer community the pigs have bowed to public pressure. Many months of stringent battles led to the impending date. Truly this is an accomplishment which would be impossible without the dedication of many justice loving people all across the United States and beyond. All of those who raised awareness for CeCe’s cause and those who kept watch deserve a warm handshake in thanks. As legendary communist guerrilla fighter Che Guevara once said, “if you tremble indignation then you are a comrade of mine.”

Transgender Resistance

As oppression become heavier resistance becomes fiercer.  This much is certain. And while in the case of the Transgender Equality Movement this fact has taken some more time to show, in part because of the intense bigotry, recent events from across the Earth have proved this thesis to be sound; that so as long as reactionary paper tigers search the realm in search of fodder there will be progressive hunters longing to poach.

The first instance of such resistance can be seen here in Imperialist America. Enter the case of Kayla Moore, a transgender woman who died in police custody on the 14th of March after arrested on yet unreleased charges involving “resisting arrest”. How this woman died is not yet known and will not yet be known for some time.

Obviously this event is tragic. In all likelihood this woman was murdered by the police pigs. The intense animosity towards members of the Queer community is well documented among enforcers of the bourgeois state. Because of this historical fact it is no surprise that protests erupted in the wake of Kayla’s death; with dozens of protesters demonstrating outside of the police station the event turned militant when several of the demonstrators shouted “Vengeance for Kayla Moore”. Meeting the riot gear clad cops the demonstration nearly came to blows.

While none were arrested in this action it nonetheless is evident that the slumbering militant of the Queer community are being roused to action. Not just in Berkeley California either. For the Transgender resistance is also rising in Vietnam where the situation for Transgender persons is changing with the howling political winds of social change.

As in any capitalist or even socialist, for that matter, state Vietnam has a saddening history of heterosexism. Discrimination prevails heavily in the air with many Transgender people forced out of school forcing them to take on menial cultural gigs performing at funerals. Yet as with any movement the tide is turning. Increasingly throughout the last year the ruling Vietnamese party has been happily throwing out crumbs in an effort to appease the social opposition.

Their promises have included proposed legislation on legalizing homosexual marriage as well as remarking that specific reactionary gender norms present within the system have been preventing Transgender people from identifying, legally, in the manner which they so desire (such as undergoing sex-change operations and having their preferred gender listed on their I.D tags).

While they are doing this primary to win a human rights seat at the United Nations their actions, nonetheless, prove that the genuinely progressive grassroots campaigns have a place even in “totalitarian” places like Vietnam. Such pressures have taken the form of fruits in the mass-media with the Vietnamese version of “American Idol” (aptly dubbed Vietnam Idol) sporting several prominent Transgender celebrities which the nation’s multitude of young people are able to list off without hesitation.

While the movement has its gains (such as the first national transgender workshop held in August which was attended by government officials) it still has a long way to go in overcoming the powerful stigma still nauseatingly prevalent in Vietnamese society. Naturally, many Transgender people there are still forced to lead double lives where they must often “revert” back to the gender of their birth in order to keep on acceptable terms with family only to switch back when the return to their “other” life (often situated in a city).

Yet even with these obstacles there exists great room for change. If the movement keeps up and the leaders do not allow themselves to be led astray by false promises then Vietnam could become a beacon for Queer rights in the region. If this happened it would not only be a monumental accomplishment for activists and revolutionaries in the area but it would prove to the Western world that the Imperialist bourgeoisie does not have a monopoly on human rights.

Lost Girls Transgender Fail

The cast from season two

The following post comes to us from the blog “Geeky Girls Rule” in which a member rightly criticizes the show’s horrid transphobic treatment.

By: Danielle Ni Dhighe

The Canadian supernatural drama Lost Girl, which recently returned for a third season on Showcase in Canada and Syfy in the US, has consistently had positive portrayals of bisexual and lesbian cis (meaning non-trans) women. Its main character, Bo, is a bisexual succubus who is part of a wider community of supernatural beings known as Fae, and the show has handled her sexual and romantic relationships with both men and women very well, even groundbreaking at times.

However, the first episode of the third season, “Caged Fae,” demonstrates that there’s a difference between being cis women-friendly and trans women-friendly, with a story that was the most blatantly transphobic one I’ve seen on television recently.

The episode, written by showrunner Emily Andras, revolves around Bo going undercover in a Fae women’s prison run by Amazons to investigate the disappearance of her female lover’s mentor, who was the prison doctor. The Amazon warden is eventually revealed to be male-bodied but female-identified, half-Lidérc (a being from Hungarian folklore) and half-Amazon, and to have been impregnating prisoners without their consent (i.e. raping them). When the warden’s physical status is revealed, she’s sexually assaulted (violently groping someone’s genitals is sexual assault) and then dragged off by an angry mob of Amazons to face retribution, and the warden is subsequently referred to by male pronouns.

After the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation criticized the episode’s portrayal of a trans woman, Lost Girl‘s producers issued a weak apology saying they were sorry for any offense but they were simply following the established mythology of the Lidérc and the character shouldn’t be read as a trans woman (despite her dialogue in episode clearly demonstrating her to be female-identified–”I’m one of you!” she screams to the Amazons as they drag her away). The thing is, the three varieties of Lidérc in Hungarian folklore aren’t very similar to what we see in the episode, especially not the idea that they go around raping women to impregnate them.

Some have tried to defend the characterization by arguing that the “I’m one of you!” line merely shows that the warden identifies with the Amazonian half of her heritage, but since Amazons are all women, that actually supports reading the character as male-born but female-identified, i.e. as a trans woman.

Is there anything out there similar to the episode’s transphobic narrative? Why, yes, there is. So-called “radical feminism,” a small feminist tendency noted for its transphobia, routinely claims that trans women are men who want to disguise themselves as women in order to gain access to women’s spaces and rape women. Whether this narrative similarity was deliberate or merely a coincidence born from ignorance, it’s still problematic.

Lost Girl has been a show I’ve loved since the first episode. I love the characters, the mythology, Bo’s romantic entanglements, Kenzi’s adorableness, and the positive portrayal of bisexuality (as a bisexual, I appreciate that). When this episode was over, I felt numb, like I had just been emotionally assaulted. That’s not how I want to feel when I sit down for an hour’s entertainment with a favorite television show, but as a trans woman, that’s how it made me feel.

I’ll continue to watch Lost Girl despite this negative episode. Hopefully, the criticism generated will give the showrunner and other producers food for thought, and we will see positive representations of trans people in the future. A fantasy show like this has opportunities for inclusivity, and subverting the dominant paradigms of gender and sexuality, that other shows don’t. I hope the people who make Lost Girl learn from this and accept that challenge.

Roseanne Barr and Transphobia

You might remember Roseanne Barr from the 90’s comedy Roseanne where she played a single working mother struggling to raise children while fighting against male oppression. Later on in her career and personal life she stated unequivocally that she supported same-sex marriage. She seemed to be heading on the right track. Back in such days it might have been progressive (pending on who you ask) but now her feminism has taken a reactionary turn for the worse: transphobia.

Recently Roseanne has made headlines again only this time not for comedy. Reacting to a story about a Transgender woman (transitioning from a male identity) entering the woman’s restroom; Roseanne repeatedly called the woman in question, Colleen Francis, a creep as well as various other transphobic slurs. Though she attempted to back pedal later on from denying the existence of transpeople her substitution of “they are not real” with “they are secret rapists” is piss poor.

In a tweet conversation she declared that only woman who lack penises are “real woman” and that Colleen was “forcing her penis” in the metaphoric faces of the other young girls.

Obviously such a statement is heinous and belongs nowhere in the vocabulary of a spokesperson for a revolutionary organization. If the Peace and Freedom Party has any self-respect than they will dump this Transmisogynic bigot and replace her with someone worthy, and educated enough, to uphold the basic human rights which everyone, regardless of gender identity, deserve.

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