On the Significance of Homophobic Liberals

Longtime readers of this blog will know that I have no love for liberalism. It is cancerous phlegm paving the road to a social-fascist dictatorship; whether it is raising money for Republican offices after an arson attack or defending the Alt-Right’s “freedom” of speech, modern liberalism as embodied by the Democratic Party is an embarrassing fiasco rooted in the neoliberal far-right.

Today, however, I thought I would mix it up a tad and speak on a different disturbing trend in liberalism. Namely, its homophobia.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected Shitbag-in-Chief of the American Empire, the best that American liberals have been able to do to “Resist” Trump is mire themselves in unmaintainable conspiracy theories concerning Russian “involvement”. This is the electoral fraud nonsense, of Russia “hacking” the election and now seemingly becoming the boogeyman in every cyber-mishap the world over (also, who can forget that time George Tekai blamed Russian hackers for his sexual assault allegations gaining prominence?).

Alongside the hacking narrative, there has been its social manifestation. Because the U.S has a long history of antagonizing and interfering in Russian affairs, Russian politics has relied on Putin’s strong-arm as a means of stabilization; lapdogs of U.S imperialism, then, have been keen to pick up every pretense of awful that happens in Russia.

This is where Putin enters the picture. And, more specifically, his homophobia.

In a move which should surprise no one, imperial liberals have reversed Putin’s homophobia. They have latched on to a different conspiracy theory– that of the so-called “Gay genocide” in Chechnya– and warped it to indicate an alleged sexual repression of his own sexuality; this is where all those ‘cross-dressing Putin’ memes originate where Putin is seen in drag often in front of a rainbow (despite the fact that cross-dressing and sexuality are two distinct social expressions).

Come Donald Trump’s election, this propaganda campaign morphed into the homophobic string of memes we see today. Whether it is Trump cuddling with Putin, Trump being impregnated by Putin, or any number of other sordid scenarios, we see a clear line of evolution from the early days of “ha, look at Trump in drag!” to today’s “ha, I find the idea of two men in a relationship hilarious– Trump is so gay!”. This is how all those terrible memes came about.

Obviously, this is deeply problematic.

Although the imperial liberal establishment which backed Clinton’s bid is keeping their mouth shut at the obviously homophobic nature of these memes, I have noticed that, for the most part, imperial neoliberals such as Perez Hilton have also refrained from sharing such images, giving at least a tacit nod of disapproval at the meme’s nature while continuing to back their own warmongering Piece-of-Shit candidate.

What this hints at is a disapproval from even the imperial liberal establishment, however many shrills will try and argue otherwise. I will accept that there will be traitors to the struggle that subsume their hatred of Trump over their self-worth; this always happens and is why things such as Gay Republicans and Milo Yannopapupoopface exists. Such positions, however, are false and indicative of a mindset that, at best, is merely ignorant and under a false class consciousness. At worst, it is indicative of a neo-fascist.

But, let’s step back for a moment.

We have talked about the political nature of these images. Sometimes, though, in order to really understand why something is a negative when it seems in service of a higher cause, we need to understand why, at the social level, these memes are counter-productive.

Take a moment and look through these images. Though there are worse memes, more homophobic ones, just take a look of the spread and muse.



Have you gotten a good look at them? Good.

What did you see? Some parts are obvious, I bet: you saw misogynistic language, an endorsement of Russian interference, and some crude sexual references. But, didn’t you see something deeper? I bet you did.

I bet you saw why these images are homophobic, I bet that you realized that these images are homophobic because they set up Trump’s relation to world leaders in a submissive state. I bet you saw how they combine Trump’s alleged lack of “smarts” with him being taken advantage of sexually by more cunning leaders. I bet you perceived that in these instances, all of the memes have been relating the negativity of Trump’s actions as homosexual sex acts; that Trump’s supposed anti-Militarism– a major promise of his campaign– has been turned into a treasonous act of stately subversion where instead of wanting to make war against Russia, he does his best to turn a blind eye to the neoliberals warmongering cawing; I bet you saw that neoliberals picked up on this and warped Trump’s shallow anti-Militarism into a literal love-affair with Putin (after all, who other than the people fucking Putin wouldn’t want to unleash a nuclear war against Russia and kill millions of people?!).

Let’s switch to a mind-experiment.

Pretend that you are a thirteen-year-old boy coming of age under a Trump presidency. Everywhere that you see is a heated political landscape. The president is hated and you share a lot of that attitude, though you are still finding your feet in the political world. But, politics is not exactly the first thing on your mind since everywhere that you go you continue to notice boys far more than your notice girls. What are you to think when after much internal struggle, you come to terms with your sexuality only to realize that everywhere you go, you see your sexuality externalized as the go-to method of expression for despising the president?

If you were in this boy’s position, you would likely be peeved off. Pissed that you can’t kiss another boy, or cuddle in bed, or hold his hand without some liberal ass-wipe just down the hall chiding Trump’s “gayness”. You would be pissed that your sexuality is now closely related to– *gasp*– anti-xenophobia, that most un-American of ideas!

You, my imaginary lad, have every fucking right to be pissed the fuck off.

It is like a return to the nineties where everything which wasn’t exactly right, or didn’t go to plan, or broke down, or was cheap or odd looking or lame or whatever, was “gay”. Except for this time around, you have to replace minor annoyances with Trump’s lackadaisical anti-war drive.

It is like Freud’s return of the repressed. Just very vulgar and somehow more insulting.

But, who can say that they are shocked? Not I, especially not recently with the so-called “Girther” “movement” in its full-parodic swing. My facebook feed has been filled with these very same liberals spamming page after page with the foulest, sickening Fat Shaming, Ableist tirades since 8Chan crawled out of its filthy hole.

Don’t forget this in your fury, though, don’t forget that it wasn’t conservative Republicans who made anti-Gay Trump memes. It wasn’t Republicans who as tone-deaf and terrible as they are with their rape apologia, who made these fat shaming memes No. The people who made these memes are liberals. The scum who created this thinly-veiled queerphobic drive are the same people who are supposedly are on the cutting edge of progressive politics, who want an “enlightened” attitude toward sex and gender. They are liars.

These people are not our champions. They are cockroaches. They are warmongers. They are the ruling capitalist elite’s running dogs. These are the people who spread child porn in pro-Bernie groups just to de-legitimate Sanders; these are the people who gave Obama the Bomber free-reign as he rained death in the Middle East and Africa and demolished Libya, turning it into a failed state; these liberals are the same group who supported some of the most virulent anti-Union legislation in literal human history, legislation so far-reaching that South American fascists rejected similar legislation for being too “extreme”. Enough is enough.

Liberals are not your friend. They never have been. They are reactionary, homophobic, sexist pigs. It is time to cut the illusion and cast away all ties– physical and ideological.

New Kasama Site

“Walk the revolutionary road with us”

On the 21st of January a new website was launched by comrades at the Kasama Project. The new site is a radical departure from their old format. Incorporating more modern web-layouts as well as integrating a social-networking aspect (which has been described as Facebook for communists) the new site, while not without some significant launch problems, is shaping up to be a powerful new medium.

Logging on early in the morning I found the site had been redesigned from the ground up. In the place of the WordPress blog format was a sleeker re-work; gone were the stilted outlines of conventional blogging and in were a format more akin to that of a newspaper. Easy to navigate and simply to browse, I quickly found my way to the social aspect of the site.

Dubbed Kasama Social, or Kasama Threads, this dynamic of the site was the bit which has been described as “Facebook for Communists”. It is here that participants could make a profile, upload an avatar, and start sharing just as if they were on Facebook proper. Indeed the atmosphere, the looks and aesthetics, are so similar that one might think the Kasama Admins took Facebook and made it better, more radical.

Registering a profile for use on this social site was easy. Taking no more than a few minutes of one’s time I had a shiny new profile in moments. From here it was but moments more where I had uploaded my own in-site blog entry. This feature, called Open Threads, is an open blogging platform. Members can publish entries and comment much in the same way Facebook’s “Notes” feature works. Designed as a source for in-depth discussion Kasama Threads operates as so: members upload blog entries and the most detailed and mature entries win a spot on the “main” website. In addition to this there is also a “Groups” feature which allows members to create discussion groups which will assist the movement in re-conceiving. Finishing off the re-design with an in-built chat feature, the new site has more communicative properties than a smart-phone. One can easily be overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, after I had slated my momentary urge to add a bunch of friends and respond to various comments, I turned my attention towards the actual mechanics of the site proper, namely, the articles.

While the layout is fine enough and the major categories are there (world events, liberation, theory, etc) once one clicks on the tab of interests the loaded screen is simply that of endlessly scrolling articles. It is here that I have my only true compliant. I believe that a more finely tuned search system could be created.

This is what I mean: say you want to find out more about Queer Liberation. Fine enough, simply go to the “Topics” tab, go to “Liberation” and select “Feminism and Sexuality”. At this point the system breaks down. You are taken to a list of articles which have even remotely to do with the topic you selected. There is no break-down or sub-topics. The site demands that you simply scroll until you find an article with a title that might be of interest to what you are looking for.

I maintain that this can be steam pressed into a much more compact, helpful, system. By this I propose that instead of the articles being strewn around haphazardly everything can be sub-divided into sections much like how on the original site ”Reading Clusters” were used to educate newcomers on some basic Kasama theory.

In the same way articles in the old Reading Clusters had simply their title in-fixed with a link to the article itself, I am thinking such can be done for each section’s results. This would require some more administrative responsibilities, admittedly, but in the least I think that if this approach wasn’t adopted than a brief “Recommended Reading List”, composing of relevant Kasama articles, before the endless scrolling would be greatly beneficial to guests and members alike.

Other than this complaint, and the expected host of bugs and technical details which are implied with the launching of any major interactive site, the new Kasama site is a promising accomplishment. More members are needed to truly make it a powerful tool and all the features must work properly, but with some refining and support, the new Kasama experience is one not to be missed.

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