Welcome Comrades!

The Queer Gathering is a radical publication dedicated to publishing queer themed articles.We consider consider the struggles of working class queers to be of the highest importance and strive to deliver high quality theoretical pieces which advance the common cause of creating a worker’s society.

We believe that the working class and students (youth) are the segment of society which are most in danger;capitalists,oppressive educators,bigotry,impossibly high tuition rates,and wage slavery all contribute towards the ills of our world and threaten to overwhelm the delicate fabric of living in a brutal world.

Internationalism is an important part of our mission and we will publish articles written by any revolutionary queer who resides in any country on earth.The divisive nature of nationalism is a concept which we do not subscribe to or ever will.

Our articles will be focused on young people and working class people,as such,readers can expect enlightening pieces on activism and student life,analysis on major events to the queer world and of reactionary attacks towards us.We believe that only through mass struggle can real progress be made and so we advocate a united queer identity.

So,with those word in mind,join us and assist us in delivering the unique and creative.

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