The Queer Project Report #6

Kicking things off this past week we see Democratic Party lawmakers attempting to gather the two-thirds majority votes needed in order to overturn Governor Chris Christie’s veto of the 2012 marriage equality bill. The proponents have until 2014 to gather said signatures. This is not surprising as it continues the Democratic Party’s trend of entrenching themselves in the malaise of False Progressivism. To further hijack the Queer liberation movement they have been dedicated to championing the cause of the “middle class” homosexuals while turning its revolutionary potential into merely another bourgeois layer in the nascent American working class.

The effects, or lack of positive effects, of this line of thought can be seen in the case of one of the gay murder suspects. Police believe to have made more progress in their hypothesis in that the murderer used gay chat rooms to lure their victims. Hiring an Italian investigator this private eye uncovered some strange details concerning the murderer in that he pretended to be a British MI5 agent. Here we see the decaying tenants of bourgeois ideology taking on the form of reactionary serial killers all to further the cause of heterosexism.  This development is expected for as capitalism continues in its current destruction cycle we Queer Revolutionaries expect for the harbingers of para-fascist convention to try and utilize the ruling class’s instruments in order to expand and legitimize their criminal efforts.

Obviously the movement in the first world has suffered greatly. Yet there is hope that within the third-world, places where imperialism has ravaged and where revolutionary movements are likely to emerge, that the Queer movement will learn from the past and endorse clear-cut positions on society while fighting to preserve their integrity. This is seen in the case of sixteen year old Enamullah, an Afghani youth who recently became the youngest person in Afghanistan history to have gender reassignment surgery. Transitioning into manhood from womanhood, young Enamullah has, together with Afghanistan’s other progressive activists, shown the world and their country’s native reactionaries that the honor of Queer people will not be infringed upon by barbarism.

We can only hope that such bravery persists after the Western occupation forces withdraw and Taliban control is ushered back in. If it does then this persistence will have shown the world that despite hardships and loss the Queer working class of the world preservers. Above all it will show the Western Queer people on how to be brave and how, hopefully, to become revolutionary again.

The Queer Project Report #5

The fifth entry.

I have not updated this sub-project of mine for a while so it is natural for comrades to not have a deep understanding of what this post incorporates. Simply put this sub-project is simply a weekly symmetrization of events examined from a revolutionary Queer perspective.  While when I started this endeavor I regularly updated every week events caused me to peter out until I all but abandoned consistent updates. Such is the past, however. I am not back and willing to re-start such periodicals. While I cannot promise updates every week I will certainty try to provide at least a couple of updates per month.


The biggest news story of week has undoubtedly been the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, on the 11th.  This event caused sensational speculation as to the reasons with many not accepting the given reason of the Pope’s advanced age. Marking the first resignation in 600 years this is a dramatic event.

Personally I do not see this has anything truly historic, not at least, for Queer people. As always we can hope that the next pope is more Queer-friendly, less chauvinistic, and embraces science instead of pseudo-science. Yet there is a decent precedent that progress of any kind is slow to non-existent, especially when some of the recent contenders for the new Pope are as equally reactionary as Benedict was.

Currently there are pro-gay catholic groups and other liberal religionists who sent lukewarm congratulatory messages to the Pope on his decision. They do this to mask their own displeasure with his policies. This is a typical ploy on the bourgeoisfied portions of the working class in order to seem respectable.

Yet it is not my position as my position is that the man formerly known as Pope Benedict the XVI is an arch-criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands of queer teenagers and juvenile rape. His dark-age positions on modern life have no place in the current century. It is precisely because of his words which untold numbers of Queer people suffered and are denied equal rights all while his cohort of pedophile priests have their way with young boys. He is a monster and in an ideal world would be tried and convicted of crimes against humanity.

Such statements are loaded but are reflected well in our society. Perhaps this is nowhere better seen than in Sullivan Indiana High School where a splinter group of bigots sought to create a parallel prom barring Queer youth from attending. The group, which has it reasons for doing so rooted in religious superstition, was comprised of some students, parents and even a teacher. The quote which caught the attention of the nation was spoken by Diana Medley who answered she didn’t believe gay people had a purpose in life when asked about her attitude towards homosexuals.

While their efforts to build this alternative prom were justly shut down by school officials it is a testament that theist garbage still maintains a stranglehold in contemporary American society. This, of course, means that revolutionaries have much work to do in combating hatemongers who use the sacred cloth of religion to justify their actions. It means we must redouble our efforts at building radical anti-capitalist theist groups while our militant atheist shock troops do their best in combating general supernatural discord.

Yet not all assaults on Queer people directly involve religion. Sometimes the evil is rooted in religion but expresses itself in a more secular or agonistic manner. This is relevant within the comic book industry where on the lust for profits have turned formerly pro-gay DC Comics to hire anti-gay writer Orson Scott Card to pen the new Superman comic. Card, who is best known for his masterpiece Ender’s Game, is also a board member of the anti-Queer National Organization for Marriage (NOM). A spokesperson for the company sleazed his way out of explaining the rationale behind the move by simply saying any messages within the pages of the new comics is not the position of the company itself but rather that of the individual writer. This is an expected ploy on their move to cover up the glaring fact there is no deep meaning behind their actions other than the craving to make a quick buck off of the high sales this combination will produce.

Stretching further we can see such morals taken to a still further extreme within New York where on the 14th of February, three gay men were found dead. While some days later the police announced they believe caught one of the assumed several killers, the fact that deranged individuals still feel confident enough to stalk and kill gay men says volumes about how much work still needs to be done.

None of these stories are a coincidence. They are all indirectly connected in that the anti-Queer bias still prevalent in Western society is alive and well. The special role played by religionists and other reactionary groups prone to bigotry cannot be over-looked. Theist dogma has spread its claws deep into the psyche of conservative and ignorant citizens. As revolutionaries we must recognize that the more we fight for genuine progress, and the more archaic values relating to gods dissipate, the more virile religionist violence will assume.

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